Higher Education or Getting Educated

There is so much out there that you could do with the rest of your life… What is it you want to do?  What do you need to go where you want in life?  What is your ideal career? Can you Afford College? Here are some links to help you decide your Next Step…

This is “statewide platform designed to personalize your career pathway and connect you to work, education and support services.” So you can start planning for tomorrow today! – The Education and Career Center ( ) – This website contains listings of colleges, graduate schools, distance learning, studying abroad opportunities, test prep, and gives you the ability to apply for college online for many schools.

Student Aid on the Web ( ) – A comprehensive guide to federal funding for education. This is where you will find  FAFSA, the form you’ll need to start the federal financial aid process! Check here for deadlines, eligibility, and school codes, plus the all-important form.