Scavenger Hunt Entry Form – The Evolution of Technology

This is a tech based photo scavenger hunt and will require the use of a smart phone or digital camera that can connect to a computer. Teamwork is encouraged!

Participants will need to create a pseudonym under which they will post photos on Mancos Teens’ Forum.

A point system will be used to determine the winner of the hunt. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for a single photo of a piece of technology
  • 2 points for a photo of people participating in other Teen Tech Week programs
  • 3 points for two photos showing the evolution of technology  (a picture of a candle and a picture of a light bulb grouped together would net 3 points)
  • Bonus points will be awarded for creativity in showing the evolution of technology.

Remember that the scavenger hunt doesn’t end with the list. Feel free to be creative and find your own examples of technology and the evolution of technology. Simply add your Extra Finds to the Teen Night At Mancos Public Library Facebook page.

This event is timed.  All photos must be posted by the end of Saturday night, March 12th.  Anything posted after Saturday will not be counted in scoring.