Teen Nights @ Mancos Library


• Teen Nights are exclusively for teens 13 to 19 years old (this means no 12 year olds and no 20 year olds, only teens. If children or adults wish to find out more they are welcome to do so, but they may not come to “hang out” on these nights).
• All teens that show up must stay for a least an hour and there may be no running in and out of the library (This means, come to stay not just come to grab snacks that are made available for those who want to participate in these events).

For Teen Game Nights
 If all game systems or game tables are in use, a teen may reserve the next available station (This means that since Teen Game Night is 3 hours long, switching systems every hour gives everyone a chance to play. Fairness is something we should already know).
 Games must remain at the librarian’s station until you intend to play and when you are done playing, please, return game to case and bring back to the librarian.
During Teen Movie Night
 Movies are not typically 3 hours long, therefore, the remainder of the time spent at Teen Movie Night is filled with anime or short videos that the teens select.
 No movie shown, nor any “filler video” shared, at Teen Movie Night will be rated higher than PG-13 or TV-14.
Be Responsible and Respectful of All Participants…
Most Importantly, Have Fun!!!



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